Jane McGehee

2010 – THE COLOR OF LIFE- (Breaking the Waves Series)

Much of my time in Australia was spent on beaches observing waves. Mesmerized by the colors and depending on where, witnessed different shades of green and blue. They are my favorite colors, magical to me with light and shadows thrown upon them.

I traveled the eastern coastline following the Pacific Ocean, sometimes settling in secluded bays. The waves would be peaceful, the colors muted by the salts and minerals off the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef. In tropical areas the hue would change and sea turtles would swim a few feet from the shoreline. The waves would lift and dip gently, the sun reflecting off these undulations.

In areas of rocky bluffs, waves smashed and seemed angry, causing a churning tide as i observed them from above being struck by the spray. The contrast of gurgling white froth and deep blue swell was striking.

Probably my favorite places were the ones where children played and sea life combined with 6ft surf set the tone. The waves would crash right on the beach. These were beautiful as they ran in, stretching up, and letting the light penetrate through their tallness just as they crested. Behind them the colors of humanity blossomed and, there among the circus, dolphins swam by.